Gascoigne::TimeInfo Class Reference

#include <timeinfo.h>

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Public Member Functions

 TimeInfo ()
void ReInit ()
void ReInit (double det)
void BasicInit ()
double dt () const
double theta () const
double oldrhs () const
double rhs () const
void iteration (int i)
void ReInit (double tb, double det, double te, const std::string &sch, int ne, double t)
void ReInitTheta ()
void scale_timestep (double s)
void stepback ()
double time () const
double time_begin () const
double time_end () const
void ReInitBackward (int niter, double endtime)
void iteration_backward (int i)
void SpecifyScheme (int i)
void RejectTimeStep (double d)
void ScaleTimeStep (double d)

Protected Member Functions

int ftstep () const

Protected Attributes

double _deltat
double _time
double _theta
double _tbegin
double _tend
int _iter
int _neuler
double _ftscale [3]
double _fttheta [3]
std::string _scheme
std::string _actualscheme
double _Theta

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Gascoigne::TimeInfo::TimeInfo (  ) 

Member Function Documentation

void Gascoigne::TimeInfo::BasicInit (  ) 

double Gascoigne::TimeInfo::dt (  )  const

int Gascoigne::TimeInfo::ftstep (  )  const [protected]

void Gascoigne::TimeInfo::iteration ( int  i  ) 

void Gascoigne::TimeInfo::iteration_backward ( int  i  ) 

double Gascoigne::TimeInfo::oldrhs (  )  const

void Gascoigne::TimeInfo::ReInit ( double  tb,
double  det,
double  te,
const std::string sch,
int  ne,
double  t 

void Gascoigne::TimeInfo::ReInit ( double  det  ) 

void Gascoigne::TimeInfo::ReInit (  ) 

void Gascoigne::TimeInfo::ReInitBackward ( int  niter,
double  endtime 

void Gascoigne::TimeInfo::ReInitTheta (  ) 

void Gascoigne::TimeInfo::RejectTimeStep ( double  d  ) 

double Gascoigne::TimeInfo::rhs (  )  const

void Gascoigne::TimeInfo::scale_timestep ( double  s  )  [inline]

void Gascoigne::TimeInfo::ScaleTimeStep ( double  d  ) 

void Gascoigne::TimeInfo::SpecifyScheme ( int  i  ) 

void Gascoigne::TimeInfo::stepback (  )  [inline]

double Gascoigne::TimeInfo::theta (  )  const

double Gascoigne::TimeInfo::time (  )  const [inline]

double Gascoigne::TimeInfo::time_begin (  )  const [inline]

double Gascoigne::TimeInfo::time_end (  )  const [inline]

Member Data Documentation

std::string Gascoigne::TimeInfo::_actualscheme [protected]

double Gascoigne::TimeInfo::_deltat [protected]

double Gascoigne::TimeInfo::_ftscale[3] [protected]

double Gascoigne::TimeInfo::_fttheta[3] [protected]

int Gascoigne::TimeInfo::_iter [protected]

int Gascoigne::TimeInfo::_neuler [protected]

std::string Gascoigne::TimeInfo::_scheme [protected]

double Gascoigne::TimeInfo::_tbegin [protected]

double Gascoigne::TimeInfo::_tend [protected]

double Gascoigne::TimeInfo::_Theta [protected]

double Gascoigne::TimeInfo::_theta [protected]

double Gascoigne::TimeInfo::_time [protected]

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