Gascoigne::VisuEPS Class Reference

#include <visu_eps.h>

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Public Types


Public Member Functions

 VisuEPS ()
void SetOption (EPSOptions o, int v)
void SetOption (EPSOptions o, double v)
void SetMesh (const MeshInterface &PM)
void WriteGrid (std::string fname, int iter)

Protected Types

typedef std::pair< int, int > Line
typedef nvector< IntSetLines

Protected Member Functions

void Lexiko (Line &p) const
bool InLine (int a, int b, int c) const
void CombineLines ()

Protected Attributes

const PatchMeshM
Lines lines
int n_lines
Vertex2d offset
std::map< int, int > INTOPT
std::map< int, double > DOUBLEOPT

Member Typedef Documentation

typedef std::pair<int,int> Gascoigne::VisuEPS::Line [protected]

typedef nvector<IntSet> Gascoigne::VisuEPS::Lines [protected]

Member Enumeration Documentation

enum Gascoigne::VisuEPS::EPSOptions

Options for output:

WRITE_PATCH: 0 : write cells (default) 1 : write patchs

LINEWIDTH: width of lines in pt. (0.1)

WIDTH: horizontal size of output (int pt) (300)

COMBINE_LINES 1: straightly aligned lines are combined to one (def)


Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Gascoigne::VisuEPS::VisuEPS (  ) 

Member Function Documentation

void Gascoigne::VisuEPS::CombineLines (  )  [protected]

bool Gascoigne::VisuEPS::InLine ( int  a,
int  b,
int  c 
) const [protected]

void Gascoigne::VisuEPS::Lexiko ( Line p  )  const [protected]

void Gascoigne::VisuEPS::SetMesh ( const MeshInterface PM  )  [inline]

void Gascoigne::VisuEPS::SetOption ( EPSOptions  o,
double  v 

void Gascoigne::VisuEPS::SetOption ( EPSOptions  o,
int  v 

void Gascoigne::VisuEPS::WriteGrid ( std::string  fname,
int  iter 

Member Data Documentation

std::map<int,double> Gascoigne::VisuEPS::DOUBLEOPT [protected]

std::map<int,int> Gascoigne::VisuEPS::INTOPT [protected]

Lines Gascoigne::VisuEPS::lines [protected]

const PatchMesh* Gascoigne::VisuEPS::M [protected]

int Gascoigne::VisuEPS::n_lines [protected]

Vertex2d Gascoigne::VisuEPS::offset [protected]

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