Gascoigne::Visualization Class Reference

#include <visualization.h>

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Public Member Functions

void SetPointData (const VisuData *VD)
void SetCellData (const VisuData *VD)
void SetPointDataInfo (const VisuDataInfo *VDI)
void SetCellDataInfo (const VisuDataInfo *VDI)
void NoOutput ()
 Visualization ()
virtual ~Visualization ()
 Visualization (const Visualization &)
Visualizationoperator= (const Visualization &)
void SetMesh (const MeshInterface *M)
const std::stringget_name () const
void set_name (const std::string &)
void read_parameters (const ParamFile *pf)
void set_time (double t)
void set_pstep (int i)
void set_tstep (double t)
void set_gnuplotdata (const std::vector< GnuplotData > &gp)
void step (int)
int active (int) const
void format (const std::string &)
void write ()

Protected Member Functions

void BasicInit ()
void avs (const std::string &) const
void vu (const std::string &) const
void gnuplot (const std::string &) const
void gmv (const std::string &) const
void vtk (const std::string &) const
void output_vertexs (std::ofstream &) const
void output_quads (std::ofstream &, const std::string &s="") const
void output_hexs (std::ofstream &, const std::string &s="") const
void output_vertexs_by_component (std::ofstream &) const
int CheckPointData () const
int CheckCellData () const
void output_solution (std::ofstream &, int) const
void _vtk_pointdata (std::ofstream &out) const
void _vtk_celldata (std::ofstream &out) const
virtual void _vtk_points (std::ofstream &out) const
void _vtk_cells (std::ofstream &out) const

Protected Attributes

const MeshInterfacemesh
const VisuDataPointData
const VisuDataCellData
const VisuDataInfoPointDataInfo
const VisuDataInfoCellDataInfo
std::string filename
std::string stepname
std::string title
std::vector< GnuplotDataGP
bool avsa
bool gmva
bool vigiea
bool vua
bool gnua
bool teca
bool vtka
bool compress
int pstep
int showoutput
double time
double tstep
double nexttime

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Gascoigne::Visualization::Visualization (  ) 

Gascoigne::Visualization::~Visualization (  )  [virtual]

Gascoigne::Visualization::Visualization ( const Visualization  ) 

Member Function Documentation

void Gascoigne::Visualization::_vtk_celldata ( std::ofstream &  out  )  const [protected]

void Gascoigne::Visualization::_vtk_cells ( std::ofstream &  out  )  const [protected]

void Gascoigne::Visualization::_vtk_pointdata ( std::ofstream &  out  )  const [protected]

virtual void Gascoigne::Visualization::_vtk_points ( std::ofstream &  out  )  const [protected, virtual]

int Gascoigne::Visualization::active ( int   )  const

void Gascoigne::Visualization::avs ( const std::string  )  const [protected]

void Gascoigne::Visualization::BasicInit (  )  [protected]

int Gascoigne::Visualization::CheckCellData (  )  const [protected]

int Gascoigne::Visualization::CheckPointData (  )  const [protected]

void Gascoigne::Visualization::format ( const std::string  ) 

const std::string& Gascoigne::Visualization::get_name (  )  const [inline]

void Gascoigne::Visualization::gmv ( const std::string  )  const [protected]

void Gascoigne::Visualization::gnuplot ( const std::string  )  const [protected]

void Gascoigne::Visualization::NoOutput (  )  [inline]

Visualization & Gascoigne::Visualization::operator= ( const Visualization  ) 

void Gascoigne::Visualization::output_hexs ( std::ofstream &  ,
const std::string s = "" 
) const [protected]

void Gascoigne::Visualization::output_quads ( std::ofstream &  ,
const std::string s = "" 
) const [protected]

void Gascoigne::Visualization::output_solution ( std::ofstream &  ,
) const [protected]

void Gascoigne::Visualization::output_vertexs ( std::ofstream &   )  const [protected]

void Gascoigne::Visualization::output_vertexs_by_component ( std::ofstream &   )  const [protected]

void Gascoigne::Visualization::read_parameters ( const ParamFile pf  ) 

void Gascoigne::Visualization::set_gnuplotdata ( const std::vector< GnuplotData > &  gp  )  [inline]

void Gascoigne::Visualization::set_name ( const std::string  ) 

void Gascoigne::Visualization::set_pstep ( int  i  )  [inline]

void Gascoigne::Visualization::set_time ( double  t  )  [inline]

void Gascoigne::Visualization::set_tstep ( double  t  )  [inline]

void Gascoigne::Visualization::SetCellData ( const VisuData VD  )  [inline]

void Gascoigne::Visualization::SetCellDataInfo ( const VisuDataInfo VDI  )  [inline]

void Gascoigne::Visualization::SetMesh ( const MeshInterface M  )  [inline]

void Gascoigne::Visualization::SetPointData ( const VisuData VD  )  [inline]

void Gascoigne::Visualization::SetPointDataInfo ( const VisuDataInfo VDI  )  [inline]

void Gascoigne::Visualization::step ( int   ) 

void Gascoigne::Visualization::vtk ( const std::string  )  const [protected]

void Gascoigne::Visualization::vu ( const std::string  )  const [protected]

void Gascoigne::Visualization::write (  ) 

Member Data Documentation

bool Gascoigne::Visualization::avsa [protected]

const VisuData* Gascoigne::Visualization::CellData [protected]

const VisuDataInfo* Gascoigne::Visualization::CellDataInfo [protected]

bool Gascoigne::Visualization::compress [protected]

std::string Gascoigne::Visualization::filename [protected]

bool Gascoigne::Visualization::gmva [protected]

bool Gascoigne::Visualization::gnua [protected]

std::vector<GnuplotData> Gascoigne::Visualization::GP [protected]

const MeshInterface* Gascoigne::Visualization::mesh [protected]

double Gascoigne::Visualization::nexttime [protected]

const VisuData* Gascoigne::Visualization::PointData [protected]

const VisuDataInfo* Gascoigne::Visualization::PointDataInfo [protected]

int Gascoigne::Visualization::pstep [protected]

int Gascoigne::Visualization::showoutput [protected]

std::string Gascoigne::Visualization::stepname [protected]

bool Gascoigne::Visualization::teca [protected]

double Gascoigne::Visualization::time [protected]

std::string Gascoigne::Visualization::title [protected]

double Gascoigne::Visualization::tstep [protected]

bool Gascoigne::Visualization::vigiea [protected]

bool Gascoigne::Visualization::vtka [protected]

bool Gascoigne::Visualization::vua [protected]

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