Kernel moduleGascoigne3D:
  • error estimates by residual based estimators 
  • adaptive mesh refinement using quadrilaterals (2D) and hexaedrons (3D) with hanging nodes
  • discretization by bi-/tri-linear (Q1) and bi-/tri-quadratic finite elements (Q2)
  • stabilization by local projection / GLS / SUPG 
  • multigrid solver with ilu-smoother
  • mesh input in ucd format 
  • visualization output in the format of: avs, GMV, Tecplot and VisuSimple
Add-on module GascoigneParallel:
  • parallelized multigrid
  • mesh partinioning by Metis
  • message passing by mpi.
Add-on module GascoigneChemistry
  • equations describing compressible reactive flows
  • combustion problems
  • evaluation of thermodynamic data bases
  • transport algorithms (e.g., Fick's law)
  • multicomponent diffusion models: EGLib
  • reaction mechanisms in Chemkin format
Optimization software RoDoBo
  • A software package for solving optimization problems governed by stationary and nonstationary partial differential equations with interface to Gascoigne3D