Faculty Convention

According to the law on universities and the University Medical Center Schleswig-Holstein (Higher Education Law-HSG) of 28 February 2007, entered into force 30 March 2007 the Faculty Convention has following tasks in particular:

Section 29 – Department Convention

(1)The Department Convention advises and decides on all matters of the department, unless otherwise provided by this act or the constitution.

(2) The Department Convention consists of:

  1. the Dean,
  2. eleven representatives of the member groups pursuant to Section 13 (1) No.1 to 4 in the ratio 6:2:2:1 and
  3. the Equal Opportunity Commissioner of the department with the right to apply and advisory vote

The departmental statute may provide that in contrary to Sentence 1 No. 2, the departmental convention shall include 21 representatives of the member groups at a ratio of 11:4:4:2 or 31 representatives of the member groups at a ratio of 16:6:6:3.

(3) The department convention may form committees to prepare its decisions. The details are regulated in the departmentmental statute.