Central Commission for the Promotion of Young Academics and Artists

The Commission for the Promotion of Young Academics and Artists is a compulsory committee under the High Education Act.  It deals with the awarding and extension of state graduate scholarships for doctoral projects and deals with questions concerning the qualification phase of young scientists and artists at Kiel University.
It is also the permanent advisory board set up by the University Board for interim and tenure evaluations. As such, it is responsible for ensuring uniform formal standards and accompanies all interim and tenure evaluation procedures at Kiel University in order to make a recommendation to the University Board on the basis of the faculty´s proposal regarding the extension or continuation of the candidate's employment or service contract. The Advisory Board may also submit proposals to the University Board for the continuous improvement of the procedure.

Chari: Vice President Prof. Dr. Karin Schwarz
Management: Dr. Sabine Milde

Proportion of Votes (Profs : Scientists : Students : Technology and Administration):
8 : 1 : 1 : 0

Meetings: 1 x each Semester