Central Committee for Teacher Training

The Central Committee for Teacher Training deals with topics relating to the study of all teacher training students. The focus is on forming the profile of teacher training in ist structure and topics, in particular

  • content-related design and organisation of courses, study, research and further education in an interdisciplinary manner,
  • coordination of the structure of the courses offered by the faculties (Section 49 Higher Education Act) and priority research areas, also in further education,
  • advise and decision on fundamental inter-faculty questions of teacher training,
  • coordination of faculties in matters of teaching and study organisation in teaching degree programm,
  • preparation of senate resolutions in inter-faculty teacher training matters (Section 2 of the ZAfL statutes),
  • election of the members of the Board of Directors of the Center for Teacher Training (Section 4 (3) of the ZfL statutes).

Chair: Vice president Prof. Dr. Markus Hundt
Vice-Chair: -
Management: Julia Jetter

Proportion of votes (Profs. : Scientists : Students : Technology and Administration):
9 : 3 : 6 : 0 of the member groups of the faculties which offer teacher training.
Further details are regulated by the Central Committee for Teacher Training (ZAfL).

Frequency of meetings: several times a semester