Central Study Committee

The Central Study Committee is a compulsory committee according to the Higher Education Act (HSG). It advises on the introduction and amendment of internal legislation in the field of study (e.g. study and examination regulations), on the establishment or abolition of courses of study and on certification and (re) certification of courses of study, in particular

  • statements and proposals on the establishment, modification and abolition of courses of study,
  • statements on examination regulations of the departments before their approval by the University Board,
  • statements on interdisciplinary regulations for examination/central statutes (examination procedure rules, two-subject examination regulations, registration, recognition statute)
  • statements on (re) certification of courses of study and requirements as well as on processing the requirements in the context of certifications


Chair: Vice president Prof. Dr. Markus Hundt
Vice-Chair: -
Management: Julia Jetter

Proportion of votes (Profs. : Scientists : Students : Technology and Administration):
9 : 3 : 6 : 0           
Frequency of meetings: several times a semester