Central Committee for Research and Knowledge Transfer

The Central Committee for Research and Knowledge Transfer is a compulsory committee based on the Higher Education Act (HSG). According to its title, it deals with the topics of research as well as research and knowledge transfer. In preparation for the Senate, it deals in particular with the further development of collaborative research in the four cross-faculty research and funding priorities established at the Kiel University, which also include the promotion of young researchers and internationalisation. Fundamental matters of individual research are also dealt with here. The committee is also concerned with the possibilities of transferring the knowledge gained from research and science into society.

Chair: Vice president Prof. Dr. Karin Schwarz
Management: Dr. Katja Barth

Proportion of votes (Profs. : Scientists : Students : Technology and Administration):
8 : 4 : 3 : 1

Frequency of meetings: event-related