How do the employees identify in the election?

With the previous postal voting procedure, you received a personal ballot paper on which your data including the voter number was already entered. With your signature, you then confirmed your identity as a voter, so that your ballot envelope could be placed in the ballot box. A two-stage identification is also required in the electronic procedure.


This requires a feature,


- that is unique and clearly defined,

- that each person possesses only once,

- that nobody else owns,

- that is known to the voting person,

- and which can be represented in a sequence of numbers or letters.


For students, this is the stumail-identifier.


In the case of employees, this will be the personnel number in this procedure, as only this number fulfils all criteria. Your personnel number is the number that you know from your correspondence with the Personnel Service Centre and that appears at the top of your payroll and on your account statement.


Muster Kontoauszug or Muster Gehaltsabrechnung

When logging into the voting portal, please use the number WITHOUT leading zeros!


This number is used exclusively for identification during the voting process. It is not linked to your personal data or to that of the Personnel Service Centre.