Is online voting safe?

The technical implementation of the online elections is in the hands of the Polyas company. Kiel University chose Polyas as this company offers the most secure system in Germany and has the most extensive experience in this area. For example, the German Research Foundation (DFG) has been using Polyas to elect its committees, most recently the review boards in autumn 2019.


Polyas' security standards are certified by the Federal Office for Information Security, among others. The following conditions are met by the POLYAS CORE 2.2.3 voting system:

  • It must not be possible to draw any conclusions about the identity of the voter from the votes cast.
  • It must not be possible for the voter to prove his election decision to third parties.
  • Voters must be clearly and reliably identified and authenticated for voting, so that only registered persons can vote from the electoral roll.
  • Voters may only cast one vote at a time.
  • Votes may not be changed, deleted or added during the transmission in the network.

Votes in the ballot box may not be subsequently altered, deleted or supplemented.