The university awards prizes and honours to members of the university and to external persons who have rendered outstanding services to Kiel University and its goals.

Lists of holders of university awards are currently being revised and will be published here in due course.


Extract from the Basic Regulations (Constitution) of Kiel University from September 1, 2008

Section 35 - Honorary citizens and honorary senators, the university medal, university pin of honour

(1) The  Senate  can  appoint  people  who  have  rendered  outstanding  services  to  Kiel University, individual units of the university or the general public as honorary citizens and honorary senators. Honorary senators shouldbe or have been university lecturers.

(2) The Senate can award the university medal for special achievements. The university pin of honour can be awarded for services rendered to Kiel University. Further details are provided in the resolution passed by the Senate on 6 November 1976.