Circular E-mails

Information on sending circular e-mails

University institutes and registered student groups can request to distribute a circular e-mail. Approval is granted by the Management of the University Board (see below); this primarily requires the circular e-mail to have an official justification or a recognisable general interest for employees and/or students. Distribution is carried out by Kiel University's Computing Centre. Detailed information on this is set out in Kiel University's Guidelines on distributing circular e-mails. The framework conditions in brief can be found below. Please take note of this information, which serves to ensure a smooth process without delay and is therefore in your interest.

  • The e-mail text should be forwarded ready to distribute two or three days before the chosen distribution date to the Management of the University Board (see below). Requests should be submitted in good time as occasionally we have queries or suggest changes or additions, which may delay distribution. Also, at certain times we have more requests for distributing circular e-mails and this occasionally results in "waiting lists". If possible and if agreed in good time, we also consider your preferred dates for distribution. Feel free to contact us in advance - the earlier the distribution options are requested and agreed upon, the more likely the desired result will be achieved.

  • Our work is made much easier if you do not attach the text as a document, but send it to us directly as an e-mail. That way you also stay in control of your desired text formatting. Please understand that we cannot work on the layout of your circular e-mails.

  • Please make sure you state your intended target group. There is a distribution list for employees ("cau-info") and for students ("stu-info") for distributing general information, information on events, etc. When distributing via cau-info, there is also the option to include the IPN and University Medical Center Schleswig-Holstein. For stu-info it is possible to select by faculties. Please note that you cannot reach all employees and/or students via these distribution lists as membership of these lists is voluntary (see also information on mailing lists below). Please state exactly which distribution list you would like to use.

  • You must use a sender address with a uni-kiel domain ( This address will be given when distributing and all responses will be directed to it. You can also use stu-mail addresses for this.

  • You must provide the subject line. We will not formulate any part of the text. Please note that every further query leads to a delay in the process.

  • An English text version is not absolutely required, but it is expressly recommended. It does not have to be a reproduction of the full text; a short version or explanation is enough. What is important is for non-German speaking visitors and members of our university to be able to recognise whether this e-mail contains important and relevant information for them. Even if they relate e.g. to German-language events or services, a corresponding note in English is helpful for foreign visitors and symbolises appreciation and willingness to support integration. If we can, we will help you with elements of text.  

  • File attachments cannot be distributed. If you wish to refer to additional information, please insert links.

  • Please make sure you use correct, appropriate, gender-neutral language.

  • Distribution of circular e-mails is usually approved once a semester for each institution. There may be exceptions to this.

For information on approving and forwarding circular e-mails and any other questions, please contact

Susanne Mielke-Vesper
Tel. 0431 880 1776

on behalf of:
Daniela Geißler
Tel. 0431 880 1773