Kiel University at the Hannover Messe 2019

eHealth App: record up-to-the-minute health status by smartphone

Currently in development, the eHealth app is a system for collecting medical data in the everyday life of patients. The goal is to record their personal state of health with the help of their smartphone and the app, and to identify this data on a daily basis. The system will collect this by means of manual entry, for example by recording medication taken or symptoms experienced, in the form of a digital health diary.

It will also use connected sensors, like an activity tracker, or portable medical measuring devices. Key requirements for the development of the system are data protection and data security, easy integration in clinical treatment systems, and ease of use for patients. The regular, close monitoring of the patient’s state of health should allow the treating physicians to practise personalised medicine, and organise the necessary treatments in a targeted and individualised manner. This is particularly advantageous for protracted or chronic illnesses, such as inflammatory diseases.

The eHealth app is currently in the prototype stage, with the first patient trials planned for 2017.