Kiel University at the Hannover Messe 2019

25.4.2018 European XFEL TECH SOLUTIONS

Logo European XFELThe European XFEL is a new international research facility of superlatives, providing ultrashort and ultrahigh-brilliance X-ray laser flashes that will enable completely new opportunities for science. With its cutting-edge technology, the world’s largest X-ray free-electron laser will not only open up areas of research that scientists could only previously dream of, but it will also spearhead innovation for industrial applications. The European XFEL GmbH, the non-profit company that operates the facility, has a workforce of over 300 employees from more than 40 countries. 12 partner countries are currently contributing to the European XFEL. With construction and commissioning costs of 1.22 billion Euros (2005 price levels) and a total length of 3.4 km, the European XFEL is one of the largest and most ambitious European research facilities to date. More information on the facility can be found on our website:

The goal of the European XFEL is to enable basic science at the forefront as well as innovation of new technologies. The European XFEL is participating in the Hannover Messe to encourage the involvement of industry in our research. This cooperation can take several forms: for example, companies can be industrial users, doing research using the European XFEL's unique suite of instruments and top experts in various basic research fields; or they can develop new, alternative marketable uses for technologies created during the construction of the facility. Possible cases include developing smart energy grid components, studying novel materials for aerospace, investigating new compounds for pharmaceuticals, and expanding the potential of computing power and storage—all performed with tools exclusively available at the European XFEL. Read about the potential impacts of the European XFEL on industry in the Science section of our website ( or speak with our Industrial Liaison Office.