Kiel University at the Hannover Messe 2019

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From 1st to 5th April 2019, Kiel University will be presenting itself at the Hannover Messe. We are glad that you will also be there! Together we will be presenting the research done in the North and demonstrating why Schleswig-Holstein’s state university is one of Germany’s top 19 universities.

If you have received confirmation of your registration for participation, please fill out the following form in full by 31.01.19.

All trade fair communication will be done bilingually in German and English. This is why you have the option to register German texts in the titles and descriptions as well. If you do not have any, the organisation team will commission translations. If your material is mainly in German, please fill out the German form.

The following website contains all the organisational information and is continually updated. Details on the forms are also explained in more detail.

Please contact the organisation team using the following e-mail address if you have any questions:

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"Guided Tour"

Info box: The organisation team will apply for a place and cover the costs if your exhibit is included in the tour. This would mean that 1-2 groups of visitors per day will be taken to see your exhibit. You will then have a few minutes to present your piece.
Yes, I am interested in being part of the Guided Tour and guarantee a daily presentation. This only applies to exhibits that are shown for the entire week of the fair.



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Private invitations for partners


If your exhibit is a cooperation with a company, and this company should be officially registered as a co-exhibitor, please specify the company here. Details will be clarified later, the registration includes a mention on the Hannover Messe website.

Business cards

Would you like to have business cards printed out for the Hannover Messe? If so, please fill out the extra order form. (The organisation team will not cover the costs of printing)

Business cards

Sign up for the bus shuttle Kiel-Hanover-Kiel

Info box: Speakers and honorary guests have priority for seats. Any spare seats that are left over will be allocated to people in charge of exhibits. Please sign up here with the number of seats you need.
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