SCCharts: Sequentially Constructive Statecharts for Safety-Critical Applications

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  • Dezember 2013
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We present a new visual language, SCCharts, designed for specifying safety-critical reactive systems. SCCharts uses a new statechart notation and provides deterministic concurrency based on a synchronous model of computation (MoC), without restrictions common to previous synchronous MoCs. Specifically, we lift earlier limitations on sequential accesses to shared variables, by leveraging the sequentially constructive MoC.
The key features of SCCharts are defined by a very small set of elements, the Core SCCharts, consisting of state machines plus fork/join concurrency. Conversely, Extended SCCharts contain a rich set of advanced features, such as different abort types, signals, history transitions, etc., all of which can be reduced via model-to-model transformations into Core SCCharts. This approach enables a simple yet efficient compilation strategy and aids verification and certification.
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  • TR_1311