iObserve: Integrated Observation and Modeling Techniques to Support Adaptation and Evolution of Software Systems

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  • Oktober 2013
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The goal of iObserve is to develop methods and tools to support evolution and adaptation of long-lived software systems. Future long-living software systems will be engineered using third-party software services and infrastructures. Key challenges for such systems will be caused by dynamic changes of deployment options on cloud platforms. Third-party services and infrastructures are neither owned nor controlled by the users and developers of service-based systems. System users and developers are thus only able to observe third-party services and infrastructures via their interface, but are not able to look into the software and infrastructure that provides those services. In this technical report, we summarize our results of four activities to realize a complete tooling around Kieker, Palladio, and MAMBA, supporting performance and cost prediction, and the evaluation of data privacy in context of geo-locations. Furthermore, the report illustrates our efforts to extend Palladio.
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