SCCharts : The Mindstorms Report

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  • Dezember 2019
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SCCharts are a visual language proposed in 2012 for specifying safety-critical reactive systems. This is the second SCCharts report towards the usability of the SCCharts visual language and its KIELER SCCharts implementation. KIELER is an open-source project which researches the pragmatics of model-based languages and related fields.
Nine case-studies that were conducted between 2015 and 2019 evaluate the pros and cons in the context of small-scale Lego Mindstorms models and similar projects. Par-ticipants of the studies included undergraduate and graduate students from our local and also external facilities, as well as academics from the synchronous community. In the surveys, both the SCCharts language and the SCCharts tools are compared to other modeling and classical programming languages and tools.
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