On Special k-Spectra, k-Locality, and Collapsing Prefix Normal Words

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  • zugl. Kiel, Universität, Dissertation
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  • April 2021
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How to reconstruct a word from a given set ofscattered factors? How to determine thelocalityof a word? Or how to determine theprefix normal words recursively? Combinatorics on words, even though this domain is relatively young, has by now a lot of subdomains, which all seek to deter-mine the secrets of various words that share a common pattern. Aiming for an understanding of this pattern or even find such apattern is often a challenging task. In Part I, scattered factors are investigated with respect to therecon-struction problemand thescattered factor universality. In Part II, thek-locality of repetitions of words and palindromes is determined. Finally, in Part III, a recursive approach to determine prefix normalforms is given.
Statische URLhttps://www.uni-kiel.de/journals/receive/jportal_jparticle_00000372
  • 10.21941/kcss/2021/3
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  • 2021/3