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Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel

Kieler Bilddatenbank Naher Osten

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  • Please note: All your entries filled in or chosen in the separated fields (simple or advanced search) are connected by AND, i.e. every additional entry decreases the number of results.
  • With regard to an useful search the maximal number of hits is limited to 100. If your search does not provide a desired result, you have to reformulate your search terms by using more or different keywords. Please use also the categories of our "advanced search".
  • Please note: If you are using the "free text"-search, your entries must contain at least three (3) characters.
  • Please note further: The search functions only provide "exact search", which report items ONLY if they exactly match your input. Certainly you can add "*" to a part of word in order to extent your search.


    The entry "mosque" will only report items which exactly match this entry. If you want to extent your search, it would be useful to write "mosque*" or just "mosq*".