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ER 2.1 (AU)

Project title: Identification of QTL for different senescence patterns

Objectives: To assist in co-ordinating the activities and personnel of WP4 investigating genetic variation of lifespan in mutant and germplasm collections of barley and ryegrass, mediating communication between industrial partners and academic partners

  • To be responsible for the research training of ESR4, 10 and 11 (ryegrass research).
  • To assist in formal genetics and breeding training specifically in the use of mapping populations, markers, genetic lines, mutants, BAC libraries, genetic and physical mapping, high-throughput DNA isolation and genotyping, molecular genetics, alien introgression, computational methods and bioinformatics.
  • To carry out her/his own research in QTL mapping in ryegrass populations, fine-mapping and gene identification requiring high level understanding of sophisticated methodology.

Description of work: ER2.1, an experienced molecular geneticist with bioinformatics and genetic engineering expertise, will co-ordinate efforts to study gene expression during leaf senescence of perennial ryegrass through production and analysis of a leaf senescence transcriptome and subsequent alignment to existing genomic sequences in collaboration with IBERS scientists. This will be used to help identify candidate genes underlying QTL identified within the project.

ER2.1 will be involved in research training of ESR4 (AU), ESR10 (NPZ) and ESR11 (EGB) involved in ryegrass-related research activity.

Deliverables: QTL and candidate genes underlying variations in senescence patterns/lifespan in ryegrass; ryegrass lines with prolonged lifespan