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Project title: NAC transcription factors controlling nitrogen remobilisation in barley

Objectives: The project of ESR2 (UA) aims to establish the roles of senescence associated transcription factors of the NAC family via studies of available transgenic barley plants

Description of work: Previous work on senescence in cereals has demonstrated changes in transcription levels for a number of different NAC transcription factors during leaf senescence. Already available transgenic barley lines, with altered expression levels of two different senescence-associated NAC transcription factors, HvNAC005 and 13, will be used in microarray experiments with the barley 44K Agilent chip, in order to elucidate patterns of gene expression controlled by these transcription factors. For validation and for more targeted studies qPCR and analyses of spatial patterns involving Laser Capture Microdissection will be used. Spatial patterns are interesting with respect to remobilization processes studied in WP3. In particular cells surrounding the veins of senescing barley leaves will be of interest here, in order to elucidate expression patterns of key factors regulating the functionality of this tissue during senescence. Several NAC transcription factors other than HvNAC005 and 13 appear associated, at the transcriptional level, with senescence progression. In collaboration with ER1, ESR2 will make transgenic lines with additional, selected genes encoding NAC transcription factors, in order to study the effects of these genes on phenotype and gene expression patterns.

Deliverables: List of NAC transcription factors for lifespan control in barley; transgenic barley plants with altered levels of NAC factors and list of NAC target genes.