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Visiting Researcher

  Andreas Fischer (VR1), professor at Montana State University is an outstanding barley physiologist focusing on nitrogen metabolism including proteases, nitrogen storage and remobilisation processes which he studied also at the transcriptional level using the 22K Affymetrix array.

  Diter von Wettstein (VR2) is an outstanding senior scientist who has worked for many decades on barley in a wide range of disciplines (biochemistry, physiology, molecular biology and breeding). His past achievements in training of young researchers and in research collaborations were enormous. He has trained more than 100 post-doctoral students and many of these have now leading positions in research institutions. Presently he is a R. A. Nilan Distinguished Professor at Washington State University in Pullman. Before this, he was head of the Department of Physiology at the Carlsberg Research Centre in Copenhagen which is internationally highly recognised for its multidisciplinary research on barley. During this period he was involved in the training of numerous young scientists that now have leading positions at universities and research institutes.
  Steve Scofield (VR3) from USDA, Purdue University, USA, is an expert in the technology of virus induced gene silencing (VIGS). He visits the network for implementation of VIGS for gene expression analyses in barley leaves.