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Workshop C3 Genetics and Breeding

10. - 15. December 2012

CropLife is a project of basic science. The results will be far away from implementation into practical plant breeding. The workshop Genetics and Breeding will draw the turn between the expected results of CropLife and the daily work of a plant breeder. The workshop will take place in two breeding stations of NPZ (Hohenlieth) and EGB (Hof Steimke). The objective of the 5 days will be to give an insight how breeding in private breeding companies works and how breeders develop varieties from the first crossing to the registration. To understand the process it is necessary to get some background information. We were able to get named experts for this workshop, who will accompany us in the fascinating world of breeding.

The workshop follows a line from the single plant to the finished variety. Here some highlights:

  • Principles of plant breeding by Prof. Wolfgang Link from the University of Göttingen. Prof. Link will give us a basic training in genetics in plant breeding.
  • Breeding station Hohenlieth and Hof Steimke. The course will take place at the NPZ breeding station Hohenlieth and the DSV breeding station Hof Steimke. We will have the opportunity to have a look over the shoulder of practical breeders.
  • Insight into two breeding companies. NPZ and EGB will present their companies and tell how the breeding process in their companies works.
  • Breeders talks. Breeders of oilseed rape, forage and turf will report on their experiences and present interesting aspects of their work.
  • Notation exercises and statistics. We will go into the field and do some exercises in plant notation. The collected data will be used for further training in statistical analysis. We will get the theoretical background in a basic course of statistical data analysis.
  • Variety rights and patents. Experts will explain how variety rights work, what the breeder privilege is and why protection is so important. We will use the opportunity to discuss with an expert about patents in breeding.
  • Plant variety rights office. The German office of plant variety rights is located in Scharnhorst near Hannover not far away from Hof Steimke. We will visit in the variety testing station Scharnhorst and get deeper insights in their work.
  • From single plants to varieties. In a final session we will discuss all steps which are necessary to breed a new variety. We will analyze how scientific results can be implemented into practical breeding.
    During the workshop we will also have the chance to learn more about each other, to have some fun and to get an impression about the German Christmas Market in Hannover.

Maximal Number of participants: 13

Toapply for this workshop, please fill in the following file and send it to K.Beckmann@npz.de

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