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Dipl. Math. Dipl. Phys. Dr. Amke Caliebe


Amke Caliebe studied mathematics and physics at the Universities Oldenburg and Kiel from 1990 to 1996. Her two diploma theses were in the area of statistical biophysics. From 1996 to 2003 she worked at the Mathematical Seminar of the Christian-Albrechts University Kiel in the group of Professor Uwe Roesler. Her PhD in 1999 was about statistics of Hidden Markov Models. Since 2003 she has been employed at the Institute of Medical Informatics and Statistics of the University of Kiel, headed by Professor Michael Krawczak. 


Current Research Interests:
  • Statistics for Forensic Genetics
  • Stochastic Modelling and Statistical Procedures in Population Genetics
  • Genetic Epidemiology
  • Statistics for Ancient DNA Data