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Publications by Elfriede Fritzer

Kern M, Behrendt C, Fritzer E, Kohal RJ, Luthardt RG, Maltzahn NFV, Rädel M, Reissmann DR, Schwindling FS, Wolfart S, Passia N.
5-year randomized multicenter clinical trial on single dental implants placed in the midline of the edentulous mandible.
Clin Oral Implants Res, 32 (2021), 212-221.  [abstract]

Kern M, Att W, Fritzer E, Kappel S, Luthardt RG, Mundt T, Reissmann DR, Rädel M, Stiesch M, Wolfart S, Passia N.
Survival and Complications of Single Dental Implants in the Edentulous Mandible Following Immediate or Delayed Loading: A Randomized Controlled Clinical Trial.
J Dent Res, 97 (2018), 163-170.  [abstract]

Passia N, Abou-Ayash S, Bender D, Fritzer E, Graf M, Kappel S, Konstantinidis I, Mundt T, Maltzahn NF, Wolfart S, Kern M.
Single Mandibular Implant Study: Recruitment Considerations.
Int J Prosthodont, 30 (2017 Jan/Feb), 43-46.  [abstract]

Passia N, Abou-Ayash S, Reissmann DR, Fritzer E, Kappel S, Konstantinidis I, Königsmarck VV, Mundt T, Stiesch M, Wolfart S, Ali S, Kern M.
Single mandibular implant study (SMIS) - masticatory performance - results from a randomized clinical trial using two different loading protocols.
J Dent, (2017).  [abstract]

Passia N, Brezavšček M, Fritzer E, Kappel S, Kern T, Luthardt RG, Frfr von Maltzahn N, Mundt T, Rädel M, von Stein-Lausnitz A, Kern M.
Single dental implant retained mandibular complete dentures--influence of the loading protocol: study protocol for a randomized controlled trial.
Trials, 15 (2014), 186.  [abstract]

Klatt C, Saeger M, Oppermann T, Pörksen E, Treumer F, Hillenkamp J, Fritzer E, Brinkmann R, Birngruber R, Roider J.
Selective retina therapy for acute central serous chorioretinopathy.
Br J Ophthalmol, 95 (2011), 83-8.  [abstract]

Both M, Schulte K, Moosig F, Fritzer E, Gross W, Heller M, Biederer J.
High white blood cell count in patients with giant cell arteritis predicts an increased risk of stenosis in upper extremity arteries.
Ann Rheum Dis, 70 (2011), 1879-80. 

Kocylowski R, Dubiel M, Gudmundsson S, Fritzer E, Kiserud T, von Kaisenberg C.
Hepatic aminotransferases of normal and IUGR fetuses in cord blood at birth.
Early Hum Dev, (2011).  [abstract]

Kaufmann S, Al-Najar A, Boy S, Hamann MF, Naumann CM, Fritzer E, Jünemann KP, van der Horst C.
[Erectile dysfunction after radical prostatectomy : patient information, contact persons, postoperative proerectile therapy].
Urologe A, 49 (2010), 525-9.  [abstract]

Gierthmühlen J, Schumacher S, Deuschl G, Fritzer E, Klein C, Baron R, Helmchen C.
Somatosensory function in asymptomatic Parkin-mutation carriers.
Eur J Neurol, 17 (2010), 513-7.  [abstract]

Siddiqui RA, Sauermann U, Altmüller J, Fritzer E, Nothnagel M, Dalibor N, Fellay J, Kaup FJ, Stahl-Hennig C, Nürnberg P, Krawczak M, Platzer M.
X chromosomal variation is associated with slow progression to AIDS in HIV-1-infected women.
Am J Hum Genet, 85 (2009), 228-39.  [abstract]

Kocylowski RD, Dubiel M, Gudmundsson S, Sieg I, Fritzer E, Alkasi O, Breborowicz GH, von Kaisenberg CS.
Biochemical tissue-specific injury markers of the heart and brain in postpartum cord blood.
Am J Obstet Gynecol, 200 (2009), 273.e1-273.e25.  [abstract]

Gierthmühlen J, Lienau F, Maag R, Hagenah JM, Deuschl G, Fritzer E, Klein C, Baron R, Helmchen C.
Somatosensory processing in a German family with PINK1 mutations: its potential role in Parkinson disease.
J Neurol Neurosurg Psychiatry, 80 (2009), 571-4.  [abstract]

Both M, Ahmadi-Simab K, Reuter M, Dourvos O, Fritzer E, Ullrich S, Gross WL, Heller M, Bähre M.
MRI and FDG-PET in the assessment of inflammatory aortic arch syndrome in complicated courses of giant cell arteritis.
Ann Rheum Dis, 67 (2008), 1030-3.  [abstract]

Roldán JC, Teschke M, Fritzer E, Dunsche A, Härle F, Wiltfang J, Terheyden H.
Reconstruction of the lower lip: rationale to preserve the aesthetic units of the face.
Plast Reconstr Surg, 120 (2007), 1231-9.  [abstract]

von Kaisenberg CS, Kuhling-von Kaisenberg H, Fritzer E, Schemm S, Meinhold-Heerlein I, Jonat W.
Fetal transabdominal anatomy scanning using standard views at 11 to 14 weeks' gestation.
Am J Obstet Gynecol, 192 (2005), 535-42.  [abstract]

von Kaisenberg CS, Gasiorek-Wiens A, Bielicki M, Bahlmann F, Meyberg H, Kossakiewicz A, Pruggmayer M, Kamin G, Fritzer E, Harris C, Arnold N, .
Screening for trisomy 21 by maternal age, fetal nuchal translucency and maternal serum biochemistry at 11-14 weeks: a German multicenter study.
J Matern Fetal Neonatal Med, 12 (2002), 89-94.  [abstract]

von Kaisenberg CS, Fritzer E, Kühling H, Jonat W.
Fetal transabdominal biometry at 11-14 weeks of gestation.
Ultrasound Obstet Gynecol, 20 (2002), 564-74.  [abstract]

Gasiorek-Wiens A, Tercanli S, Kozlowski P, Kossakiewicz A, Minderer S, Meyberg H, Kamin G, Germer U, Bielicki M, Hackelöer BJ, Sarlay D, Kuhn P, Klapp J, Bahlmann F, Pruggmayer M, Schneider KT, Seefried W, Fritzer E, von Kaisenberg CS, .
Screening for trisomy 21 by fetal nuchal translucency and maternal age: a multicenter project in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.
Ultrasound Obstet Gynecol, 18 (2001), 645-8.  [abstract]