Geschäftsbereich Personal

General information

  • The overload report fulfils the employees’ legal obligation to inform the employer of organisational shortcomings so that he can sort these out.
  • The person immediately responsible for doing so is firstly the superior, possibly with the assistance of various (advisory) services offered by Kiel University.
  • Filing an overload report serves as protection from criminal, disciplinary or civil actions which faulty work may cause as a result of being overloaded.

It is important to note that filing an overload report does not completely release an employee from his/her liability. Due diligence obligations of the employee still apply!

  • The filed overload report is documented in the personal record and remains there. It is valid as from the time of being filed and must be repeated, if necessary.
  • Those filing a report are encouraged to resolve the situation which has led to being overloaded, for example, by talking to their superior and possibly making use of Kiel University’s advisory and support services (Personnel Development, Continuing Professional Development Centre, Occupational Health and Safety Service, Staff Council).




  • Lageplan und Anfahrt

    Den Geschäftsbereich Personal finden Sie in der 3. Etage des Verwaltungshochhauses; das Referat Reisekosten befindet sich im Erdgeschoss der Boschstraße 1.