Geschäftsbereich Personal

Information from the representative body for the disabled

Guidelines for the severely disabled for the state of Schleswig-Holstein (guidelines for hiring, employing and accompanying severely disabled people in state administration) and, in addition, SGB IX (German Social Security Code)

  • 5.3 Substituting for other employees
    Upon request, severely disabled employees in the sense of Section 72 (1) No. 1 SGB IX must be released from extra work caused by substituting for others who are on holiday, ill or otherwise absent. Severely disabled employees who do not belong to the group of people given in Sentence 1 may not substitute in such cases for more than ten weeks per calendar year.
  • 5.6 Release from overtime
    Severely disabled employees do not have to do overtime upon their request (Section 124 SGB IX).


Reference to services offering help:

Diana Grimm or representative body for the disabled

The first step should always be an individual consultation with the Personnel Development division in order to identify suitable measures and to create a coordinated package of measures.





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