Siegel der Fakultšt


Research interest

Rhizosphere processes, life, properties and functionality:

- Soil - plant - microorganism interactions
- Microbial life time and turnover
- Plant and microbiome competition for nutrients
- Viral and pathogenic stressors effect on C, N, P cycles
- Microbial hotspots and hot moments
- Enzyme kinetics
- Visualization techniques (soil zymography, radioisotope imaging, planner optodes)

Effects of climate change and abiotic stressors:

- Drought
- Climate warming
- Land-use
- Salinity


- RhizoWheat - Rhizosphere processes and yield decline in wheat crop rotations (2020-2024)
- Spatio-temporal variation in iron plaque formation around rice roots: How does it affect plant P uptake? (2020-2022)
- Drought effects and tripartite symbiotic associations of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi and Rhizobium bacteria (2020-2021)
- Spatio-temporal pattern of root exudation and enzyme activities in the rhizosphere (2018-2021) https://www.ufz.de/spp-rhizosphere/index.php?en=46362
- Transfer of recent rice photosynthates (rhizodeposition) to soil microbes and the iron loop (2019-2020)
- Effect of long-term manure application on microbial niche and hotspots in rhizosphere (2018-2020)
- Gradients of microbial activities changes in rhizosphere depending on nutrient availability (2018-2020)
- Drought effect on hotspots and coldspots of microbial activity and community composition in the rhizosphere (2017-2019)
- Identification of spatial linkage between enzyme activities and pH changes for microbial nutrient mobilization (2017-2019)
- Root morphology controls spatial pattern of phosphatase hotspots in rhizosphere for P acquisition (2017-2019)

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Last update: 2 June 2020