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At the cutting edge

International Master’s degree programme ‘Digital Communications’ files patent applications

125 international students have graduated with a Master in the ‘Digital Communications’ degree programme at Kiel University (CAU) since the signing of the Bologna declaration in 1999. The programme is celebrating its 10th anniversary with two patents on counterterrorism: Meelis Nõmm, an Estonian doctoral candidate, has developed a new method of early detection of hostile divers in pirate attacks.

The Master programme on ‘Digital Communications’ explores the future:
Upcoming radio communication systems, advanced optical data transmission technology and 3D television for the living room are part of the education. Radar or underwater navigation is also part of the diverse curriculum. Graduates come to Kiel University’s Faculty of Engineering from all over the world to participate in practice-based projects such as PITAS which aims at developing a system to counter terrorist and pirate attacks. “We provide our students with the necessary tools to let their creativity unfold”, explains Professor Peter A. Höher, responsible for the degree programme. “With our cutting edge projects we contribute to the development of all kinds of prototype. What we developed two years ago can be found on the market today.”

The next scientific generation is thriving in this dynamic environment: in the current 2011/12 winter semester alone, there were just under 100 registrations by students from all over the world. Just like Meelis Nõmm from Tartu, Estonia, says, who graduated with his Master in ‘Digital Communications’ and is currently working on his doctoral thesis: “Where I come from, the Faculty of Engineering in Kiel has a very good reputation. In addition, the lectures relating to digital communications are even offered in English. This enabled me to carry out my research under ideal conditions, and to learn German in the process.”

Nõmm is working on locating divers as part of the PITAS project. He has now succeeded in combining the advantages of sonar and radar detection, whereby both mobile objects can be identified in the water and reliable measurements of distance can be produced. Previous methods only made it possible to determine either the distance or the mobility. Nõmm will file a patent based on his findings soon. Afterwards, initial tests will take place in the Kiel Fjord.

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Caption: International degree programme celebrates 10th anniversary. Patents filed for counter-piracy procedure. See here: Estimation accuracy of the new procedure based on the speed of the diver.
Source: Meelis Nõmm

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