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The marks have been set

Kiel University publishes stories and memories for the jubilee

Kiel University (CAU) will be writing history in 2015. However, the university will not be celebrating itself for its 350th anniversary - it will be celebrating all those who feel connected to it. Teaching, studies and research would be unimaginable without them: Students, alumni, employees, researchers, teaching staff and many others spend a significant part of their life at the CAU - and, in doing so, have their own exciting experiences or life-changing encounters. On Thursday, 1 January, the first ten of these stories will be published.

Throughout the whole of 2015, the '350+ marks' campaign will continue to provide the opportunity to tell stories like this. A mother of seven tells of the relaxing moment when she is able to wind down over a cup of coffee while her children are at their swimming lessons. Or the couple whose relationship was only possible on account of the study notification from Kiel. Or the Abitur student, who spent her childhood in the Botanical Garden. That is what this campaign is about: special events, impulses, characterising experiences, favourite places, times and people.

The 350+ marks will regularly be posted on the website as from 1 January 2015 - and new stories can continue to be submitted throughout the whole year. All details can be found at

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The 350+ marks will regularly be posted on the website as from 1 January 2015 - and new stories can be submitted throughout the whole year.
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