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Press release No. 16/2015, 2015-01-23

Run, CAU! Run!

Kiel.Lauf 2015: Register to join Kiel University's CAU350 team now

from left: Dr. Boris Pawlowski, Frank Eisoldt, Anne Waller, Rainer Ziplinsky, Bernd Lange.
Photo/Copyright: Claudia Eulitz, Uni Kiel

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While last year 35 runners from Kiel University took to the starting line in the city's running event Kiel.Lauf, this year, in its 350th anniversary year, the university is looking for 350 runners to join its team: As from now, all members of staff and students at Kiel University can register to join the CAU350 team and run for their university in Kiel.Lauf 2015. The starting signal for registration to join the CAU350 team was given today (Friday, January 22) by Rainer Ziplinsky, Managing Director of running wear retailer Zippel’s Läuferwelt and organiser of Kiel.Lauf, Frank Eisoldt, Kiel University's Chancellor and team captain, as well as Bernd Lange, head of university sports, together with the project managers of the university jubilee, Dr. Boris Pawlowski and Anne Waller. Runners can register to join the CAU350 team up until 15 May.

"We want to support Kiel University in its jubilee year. And so, anyone who registers to join the CAU350 team before 15 May will receive, instead of a regular Kiel.Lauf shirt, a special Kiel University edition of the Kiel.Lauf shirt", said Rainer Ziplinsky, stressing that this was an exception for an exceptional year. For this, and other things, Kiel University's Chancellor said a big thank you on behalf of the university: "What Zippel’s Läuferwelt is doing for us and our anniversary is great. It is enabling all members of the CAU350 team to wave a sporting flag for their university."

After Kiel.Lauf 2014 a new running group was established as a university sport, providing team members with the opportunity to train together towards achieving their running objectives for September 2015. "We will start additional special training sessions in spring. All Kiel University runners are welcome to join our running group and training sessions", added Bernd Lange.

Any members of Kiel University interested in joining the CAU350 team will find all the information they need, including participation and registration details, at

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from left: Anne Waller, Frank Eisoldt, Rainer Ziplinsky, Bernd Lange, Dr. Boris Pawlowski. Foto/Copyright: Claudia Eulitz, Uni Kiel

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