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Nearly 600 Guests at Kiel University's Jubilee Reception

IHK President, Vater, calls for stronger links between science, business and society

Albig and Kämpfer write history: Kiel University starts a new visitors book at the Reception celebrating 350 years of its existence.
Photo: Christina Kloodt, Copyright: CAU

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The university invited and the guests came: almost 600 individuals from society, politics, business, media and science met on Thursday, 29 January, for the Reception on account of the 350th anniversary of Kiel University. After University President Professor Lutz Kipp welcomed guests to Kiel University's Audimax, Schleswig-Holstein's Minister-President Torsten Albig also gave a welcome address. This was then followed by a lecture on the topic "Location Factor University - Christiana Albertina from a business perspective" by Klaus-Hinrich Vater, President of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Kiel (IHK Kiel). Musical entertainment was provided by "Piano meets Vibes" and the music group "das leise trio".

Minister-President Torsten Albig paid tribute to Schleswig-Holstein's only fully-fledged university in his speech: "Kiel University has been a teaching and research institution for three and a half centuries. A whole range of nationwide, selected programmes of excellence clearly prove its strength in the field of research", he said. The Federal State Government is committed to Kiel University in its entire scope and diversity. This is why the State is ensuring planning security and making EUR 165 million available for the restoration of university buildings.

In his presentation, President Lutz Kipp campaigned for an increased perception and acknowledgement of the positive power of science for the State and society. Kipp: "In a country like Germany, which is not rich in raw materials, then education, knowledge and technology are some of the most important goods that can be produced. Science is therefore a significant factor for Schleswig-Holstein in terms of both business and image. And it can also become a brilliant sign for the true north. The prerequisites for this are, on the one hand, scientific freedom and on the other, support in the form of ideas and material assistance by the State, the economy and society."

In his lecture on "Location Factor University - Christiana Albertina from a business perspective", Klaus-Hinrich Vater, IHK President, emphasised the important role of the State university as an engine for innovation and prosperity. Vater said: "The living, learning and working worlds are a focal point in the 'Schleswig-Holstein 2030' strategy paper by the three Chambers of Commerce and Industry in Schleswig-Holstein. And there is hardly another place in which the high level of networking between and within these three worlds is so significant as in a university location! It is obvious that this especially applies to Kiel University. Kiel University has enormous economic relevance with its own activities - which is unfortunately still under-appreciated - but also with its spill-over effects on skilled personnel, technology and knowledge transfer, business start-ups and cultural life. For the future, I hope for even more cooperation between science, business and administration - this is how Kiel University will profit, we will profit, our location will profit - which all benefits the entire State."

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"In a country like Germany, which is not rich in raw materials, then education, knowledge and technology are some of the most important goods that can be produced," CAU President Professor Lutz Kipp said at the Jubilee Reception.
Photo: Christina Kloodt, Copyright: CAU

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Nearly 600 guests came to the Jubilee Reception in the Audimax.
Photo: Christina Kloodt, Copyright: CAU

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