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Bomb disposal in Bremerskamp

Sunday, 27 November. Evacuation from 10 a.m.

Map of the evacuated CAU-area:

Map of the evacuated area total:

Urgent information of Kiel Police Department and of Kiel City (German)
Police notice:
Kiel City:

On Sunday, 27 November, as from 11 am an unexploded bomb will be diffused in Bremerskamp. The bomb is a 250 kilo American aircraft bomb from 1942, with a head and base fuse. There may also be a second bomb which will also be diffused, if this is the case.

The surrounding area of 500 metres around the site therefore needs to be cleared. Approximately 850 households with around 1,400 people are affected by the evacuation, along with parts of the university campus.

The B76 towards Eckernförde will also be closed for the disposal. Drivers should expect a closure lasting several hours.

Please note:

By 10 am at the latest, flats, halls of residence, places of work and business premises in the affected area need to be evacuated. Please prepare yourselves to be away for several hours and take any necessary food, medicine, baby food and other things with you.

Mensa I, Westring 385, 24118 Kiel will be available as alternative accommodation as from 10 am. If you are unable to leave your home without assistance, you can call Kiel fire brigade’s telephone hotline under 0431 / 5905-221 as from 7.30am until the end of the evacuation. Heads of companies are requested to inform suppliers in good time, so that deliveries can be made either before or after the closure.

The City of Kiel’s public order office will be sending a letter containing important information to all households affected (German):

The protection zone will be cordoned off by the police and the public order office. Please get ready for the necessary evacuation and remember that you will need to reimburse any costs which arise should the police need to remove you from the area.

The affected area at Kiel University will also be closed off. This includes the Botanical Garden and the Central University Library. The university sports forum will remain open, but it can only be accessed via Westring for the duration of the closure. The sports forum’s outdoor facilities will be closed.

Tips and information

Please speak to your neighbours to make sure they are also aware of the evacuation. Not everyone follows the news or understands German. Help them by explaining it in a conversation. It is also crucial to listen out for radio broadcasts.

Evacuated area & restricted access

The police will block off the roads as from 10am. The following roads are affected by the evacuation:

Am Botanischen Garten
(Numbers 1 - 12 and the odd numbers from 14- 22)

(Numbers 1- 3)

(Numbers 55, 97, 127, 133 and 134, as well as the odd numbers from 67- 75, 91 - 93a and 101 - 117)

(even numbers from 16- 34)

Klausbrooker Weg
(Numbers 171 and 173)

(Numbers 1, 3, 4, 6, 8 - 17 and 19)

(Numbers 1, 3- 12 as well as the even numbers from 14- 34 and the odd numbers from 35- 39)

(Odd numbers from 1- 13)

(Odd numbers from 73- 91 as well as 97, 99 and 100)

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