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Press release No. 96/2017, 2017-04-04

Kiel University will be presenting itself at the Hannover Messe 2017

CAU presents cutting-edge research and technology from and for Schleswig-Holstein in Hanover

20 lectures and presentations over five days, three podium discussions, 28 patents, four exhibitions on the Kiel applications for the new excellence strategy of the German federal and state governments, a new eHealth app, organic LEDs and materials of the future, Kiel start-ups, global market leaders, and a Poland evening: this and much more is on offer from Kiel University (CAU) from 24 to 28 April at the Hannover Messe, to promote the research and technology location Schleswig-Holstein.

On Tuesday 4 April, the day after the official deadline for pre-applications for the new German research excellence programme, CAU President Professor Lutz Kipp and the organisers officially presented the Kiel programme for the world's largest industrial show. Businesspeople and researchers from Schleswig-Holstein and beyond are invited to attend, and Kipp encouraged everyone who is interested to visit the CAU booth at the Hannover Messe: “In the past few months, we have done everything possible to prepare our scientific applications to be very promising. Parallel to this, we have made the things we stand for - and their enormous potential for the development of our state - both visible and tangible. Come along and convince yourself of our scientific quality and strong innovation. We look forward to welcoming you!”

At the world’s leading industrial show, Kiel University not only wants to show what it can do and what it has, emphasised the physicist: "As the flagship of cutting-edge research in the north, we want - above all - to enter into dialogue with business and politics about good framework conditions for science and technology transfer. In addition, we as a university want to use dynamic interactions to make it clear that the arts, humanities and social sciences are the elementary building blocks of many scientific developments, technological innovations or political decisions."

Podium discussions and networks

On Tuesday 25 April at 3:30pm, the spokespersons of the four CAU research focus areas, Professor Thomas Bosch (Kiel Life Science), Professor Rainer Adelung (Kiel Nano, Surface & Interface Science), Professor Martin Visbeck (Cluster of Excellence "Future Ocean") and Professor Lutz Käppel (Societal, Environmental and Cultural Change) will discuss “the Kiel way of cutting-edge research" with CAU President Professor Lutz Kipp. The focus is on aspects which are becoming increasingly important in the future for Kiel as a science location, and for northern Germany, such as interdisciplinary cooperation, Big Data and digitalisation, or the relevance of research results to society.

Afterwards, at 5pm, also on Tuesday 25 April at the CAU booth, Sophia Hatzelmann of the Verband deutscher Unternehmerinnen e.V., Steffen Krach, State Secretary for Science and Research in Berlin, and Jean-François Ricci, Campus Development Manager at the EPFL in Lausanne will discuss "cutting-edge research as an innovation driver in Germany” with CAU President Kipp. The podium discussion should illuminate how this process can be organised and promoted meaningfully, in order to properly design the interplay of those involved, and thereby to ensure long-term prosperity.

It will then become both regional and international on Wednesday 26 April. With "Kiel: get connected! at the Hannover Messe", the Kieler Wirtschaftsförderung (KiWi) will spend a day at the trade show with businesspeople, entrepreneurs and young professionals from the future-orientated sectors of industry and the digital economy. The central issue here will be: automation and digitalisation of production (Industry 4.0), digital transformation and industrial design: what does this actually mean in and for Kiel? In the afternoon, the business location Kiel will present itself, with all its diversity and power of innovation, at the Kiel University booth: from Kiel start-ups, to global market leaders from Kiel, right through to innovative product developments and futuristic quarters.

"From research into business, from innovation to the market, from the idea to the product. Side by side with the university, in Hanover we will showcase the strengths and the innovative force of the scientific and business location Kiel," said a delighted Werner Kässens, Managing Director of KiWi, about the joint appearance. “This promotes further networking at the location. The idea behind ‘get connected!’ is to link businesses, company founders, innovative quarters, universities, up-and-coming talents and institutions with each other even better," continued Kässens. With a unique mix of networking on the bus, as well as inspiration and innovation at the trade show, existing contacts will be strengthened and new contacts made.

Also on Wednesday 26 April, the research focus “Societal, Environmental and Cultural Change" (SECC) at the CAU will present the "German-Polish evening of cutting-edge research", starting at 5pm. Poland is this year’s partner country for the Hannover Messe. The interdisciplinary research on the Bronze Age in the north of middle Europe will be presented at the German-Polish evening, which shows many years of cooperation between Kiel University and Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan. This is also an opportunity to introduce the ROOTS concept, with which Kiel University is applying for funding for a research cluster within the framework of the new excellence strategy. The concept is enshrined in the CAU research focus (SECC).

On Thursday 27 April at 5pm, Andrea Hirzle-Yager (Allianz Deutschland AG), Thomas Losse-Müller (State Chancellery Schleswig-Holstein), Maren Martschenko (Digital Media Women Germany) and Professor Klaus Tochtermann (German National Library of Economics) will discuss digitalisation and its impact on science. The podium discussion “Digitalisation in science and industry" seeks to contribute towards a common understanding of digitalisation, and to help develop the resulting requirements for business, politics and education.
Extensive presentation and exhibition programme

Before, between and after these events, Kiel University will be offering its guests an informative and entertaining programme of presentations and exhibitions. Every day from 11am onwards (and on Monday from 10am) in the activity area, scientists will report on topics such as evolution research, power electronics, nanotechnology, new materials, autonomous driving or patents. On Monday 24 April at 1:30pm, the Science Show of Kiel University will mesmerise guests in Hall 2 with its tech transfer forum. On Thursday 27 April at 4pm, founders from Kiel University will go up against each other at the start-up pitch by the CAU Centre for Entrepreneurship.

Exhibits at the trade show booth

The research focus “Kiel Nano, Surface and Interface Science” (KiNSIS) will enable insights into current research in the Kiel laboratories, with an interactive exhibition. Visitors can operate many of the exhibits themselves. Employees from the research groups will explain their functionality and the possible applications. Many things will be presented, including a new etching process which enables previously-impossible metal bondings, switchable molecules as a contrast agent in medicine, as well as highly-sensitive magnetic field sensors, UV-light-controllable adhesive materials, thermal probes for measuring energy flows, or plasma jets for treating surfaces.

The research focus "Kiel Life Science” (KLS) aims to understand the origin of healthy and diseased processes in various organisms, in interaction with their environment and their microbial colonisation. The "Perspective Microbiome" exhibition illustrates this issue in an artistic way. In addition, the prototype of a new medical app will be presented in “eHealth App: record up-to-the-minute health status by smartphone".

The research focus "Societal, Environmental and Cultural Change" (SECC) will offer insights into its current research on the interplay between humans and landscapes since the Stone Age, using a variety of objects. A time-travelling archaeologist reports on her stay in Greater Poland during the Bronze Age, via touchscreen diary. Another object shows what knowledge can be gained from millennia-old bones, thanks to state-of-the-art analysis technology.

The research focus "Kiel Marine Science" (KMS) will present a selection of projects at the Hannover Messe, on coastal protection and innovation in the field of measurement and observation of the ocean. In addition, it will demonstrate how digital solutions can contribute to knowledge and innovation exchanges between industry, politics and research.

“All these examples should clearly show the visitors - but particularly German and international business - what scientific excellence and enormous economic potential are present in the region of Kiel and Schleswig-Holstein," said a delighted CAU President Lutz Kipp, looking forward to many encounters and discussions during the Hannover Messe 2017.

Here you can find the complete programme of Kiel’s presentations at the Hannover Messe from 24 to 28 April 2017:

Kiel University’s booth can be found in Hall 2, C07

Photos/material is available for download:
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The Kiel programme for the Hannover Messe was officially presented at the university tower building by (from the left) CAU President Professor Lutz Kipp and Werner Kässens, Managing Director of KiWi, together with the organisers Dr. Frederike Tirre (KMS), Christian Urban (KLS), Julia Siekmann (KiNSIS) and Jirka Niklas Menke (SECC).
Photo/Copyright: Jürgen Haacks, CAU

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Excellence on over 200 square metres: the CAU can look forward to the ‘Newcomer of the Year’ title this year in Hall 2 at the Hannover Messe, Research & Technology.
Copyright: Atelier Verführth

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Full steam ahead! In Hanover, Kiel University presents cutting-edge research from the fjord, and provides a forum for the questions of tomorrow.
Photomontage/Copyright: Plan B/CAU

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“Old pigs and modern technology - even animal bones from the Stone Age reveal their secrets thanks to the latest analysis methods.”

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Kiel Marine Science (KMS) is applied throughout the world, here on the Labrador Sea. Heavy, high-tech machinery is in use here.
Copyright: KMS

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Kiel Life Science will show the "Perspective Microbiome” at the Hannover Messe.
Copyright: Yannick Kaiser/

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The Kiel Nanolaboratory's cleanroom provides the perfect conditions for the CAU research focus Kiel Nano, Surface and Interface Science (KiNSIS).
Copyright: Angelina Niepenberg

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The Hannover Messe

The Hannover Messe (HM) is the world's leading industrial show. It takes place every year in spring in Hanover (Lower Saxony) at the Hanover Fairground, the largest exhibition grounds in the world. It consists of various international trade fairs, which cover all areas of the industrial value-adding chain. Individual leading trade fairs are represented at the show in a two-year rhythm, so the composition of the Hannover Messe is always changing. The core themes of the Hannover Messe are: industrial automation and IT, energy and environmental technologies, industrial supply, production technologies and services, research and development. Key figures: 200,000 visitors, 6,500 international exhibitors, 400 applications for Industry 4.0, more than 1,700 lectures & panel discussions, 2,500 international journalists

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