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Smarter, smaller, better

Research at Kiel University’s Faculty of Engineering often has to do with making very small things useful, machines smarter and, consequently, life better. Every semester the faculty’s scientists invite colleagues from all over the world to present their current research at the faculty’s colloquium, in order to pool and exchange ideas. These lectures, which are open to the public, cover a wide range of topics in material sciences, engineering and information technology, ranging from the basics to specific applications.

This summer Professor Eugen Rabkin, from the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology, will be among the guests on Kiel’s eastern bank on April 15th. His lecture is entitled »From thin films to nanoparticles: microstructure, kinetics, mechanics«.

Following him, among others, is Professor Rüdiger Klingeler from Heidelberg University on May 6th, who will present several selfassembled nanostructures that show promise as materials for tailored functionalization. Klingeler demonstrates how, for instance, therapeutically active material is encapsulated by a protective carbon shell, so that magnetic heaters, drug carriers or sensors can be produced on a nanoscale. With these, biological systems could be scanned and manipulated at cellular level.

The colloquium comprises eleven more lectures, such as Professor Bo Su from Bristol University (June 17th), dealing with »Modulating cells and bacteria on nanopatterned titanium surface«, or that of Dr. Giacomo Indiveri from the University of Zurich (June 24th), who developes artificial neuromorphic cognitive systems which can learn and reason. Dr. Roland Mattheis from Jena will be closing this summer’s colloquium with his presentation on July 8th.

The series of lectures is open to everyone interested in the latest developments in material and computer sciences. The dates are Mondays, 5.15 pm, at Kaiserstraße 2, room »Aquarium «, building D. 30 minutes before the scientists present, they will be introduced to the audience by their hosts over a cup of coffee at the »Eisdiele« (foyer building D). Most presentations will be held in English. (ds)

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