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Refugees welcome

More and more refugees are seeking shelter in Schleswig-Holstein and Kiel in order to escape war, terror and destruction. Many of these people have already studied in their home countries and are qualified to study at Kiel University. Our university supports these refugees in starting, continuing or completing their studies at Kiel University in the easiest way possible. For this purpose numerous people put a lot of effort into creating measures and offers for refugees.

Many of the refugees coming to Kiel and Schleswig-Holstein have an excellent education and are therefore in principle qualified to study at Kiel University. Nevertheless, the road to the regular course of study is long and difficult. There are not enough suitable language course offers for all refugees.

Additionally, inflexible application deadlines and timewise uncoordinated language tests prevent studies being started quickly. To tackle these problems, Kiel University is currently working on a concept to offer refugees with suitable qualifications a perspective for future studies:Every refugee with the qualification to study and with a knowledge of German or English (B1 or B2) can apply as a guest auditor in an admission-free subject. Participants will be able to take examinations and to receive credits for the actual course of study.

To apply for the courses refugees need normal copies of school leaving certificates, preferably high school diplomas or university certificates. It is also necessary to give proof of their knowledge in German or English, for example with “certificates” from schools or language courses. (sma)

More information on requirements, finding courses and the application process:
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