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CAU alumni are well connected

Networks, knowledge trans­fer and lifelong learning are important pillars of further professional educa­tion and personal development. Kiel University supports its former studen­ts, researchers and employees in this respect with a wide range of services and business networks. CAU alumni can use these services to network with former university friends in the Alumni Portal. A blog and the photo gallery keep readers up to date with what is happening at Kiel University. When you register for the first time there is also a voucher for the CAU­Web­Shop. The portal offers an exclusive job por­tal too, free of charge, for personal job searches. Companies can place their own job offers there as well. In addi­tion to this, new graduates from Kiel University have the opportunity to take part in inexpensive career coaching sessions and seminars.

In the new "Ausflügeln" excursion programme, scholarship recipients and their sponsors are networked with one another. Together they go behind the scenes of companies, organisations, museums and foundations and bene­fit from the know­how and personal conversations with experienced pro­fessionals. As of now, Kiel University’s alumni have the exclusive opportunity to take part in this programme.

The CAU Group on XING offers all Kiel University‘s current, former and future students, teachers, employees, friends and supporters a business platform for networking and exchanging ideas. The group members are regularly kept informed about events and themes on career­relevant topics. LinkedIn keeps CAU followers up to date on alumni offers, special events and news from the Alma Mater. (isi)
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